Questions and Answers


Can I bring my own growler or howler?

You betcha! Just make sure it smells fresh inside.

Can I order in any craft beer?

Yepper, as long as we can get it from our distributor or directly from a local brewery. If you are in need of a keg for your kegerator or a special event, give us a weeks notice and we will have it in your hands within 7 days.

Do we carry non-alcoholic beer, gluten free beer and craft soda?

Yes, yes and yes!

Do we offer samples?

Yes we do!

What do you carry besides Craft beer?

We do carry some craft spirits, ciders, cocktails, meads and of course wine. No domestic beer unfortunately…or fortunately.

What is a Growler Bar?

A growler bar enables you to bring home fresh beer in either a 1 Litre, 2 Litre or 5 Litre container. We have 16 taps that rotate weekly. Our tap system is the best of the best and allows us to purge your container before we pour with CO2 and nitrogen to keep the beer fresher longer.

What is our delivery area and is there a minimum charge for free delivery?

We require a a minimum of a $50 purchase and our delivery area is in the town of Cochrane.